Elza S. Maalouf

Elza smallElza S. Maalouf is a Lebanese-American futurist, author, specializing in large- scale systems and societal change. She’s the author of the 2014 book Emerge! The Rise of Functional Democracy and the Future of the Middle East. Her expertise ranges from functional governance, to the conscious emergence of corporations, and decoding social and political complexities of the Middle East. Ms. Maalouf advises administrations, cutting-edge corporate leaders and global think tanks.

She has lectured at various international platforms such as the United Nations, Oslo Center for Human Transformation, The World Future Society, College de Sorbonne, and 3rd Generation Fatah leaders in Palestine.

Ms. Maalouf is one of the foremost futurists and expert in Memetics—the study of societal paradigms. Elza presents unique insights and analysis where she offers resilient MeshWorks solutions (micro and macro) to the global landscape. Her concept Indigenous Intelligence- the unique expression of a culture- is a large-scale tool that Ms. Maalouf pioneered to assess the unique content of any culture.

For more than a decade, Elza has worked closely with renowned geo-political expert, co-author of Spiral Dynamics theory Dr. Don E. Beck. Elza played a critical role critical in advancing Beck’s work and further defining the cyclical elements for large-scale emergence in societies. In 2008, Dr. Beck and Ms. Maalouf presented a proposal for a new branch of psychology to the American Psychological Association, called Large Scale Psychology – the design for the emergence of cultures.

Ms. Maalouf is the co-founder and CEO of the Center for Human Emergence- Middle East, a think tank that emphasizes the scientific understanding of cultures through the prism of the “bio-psycho-social systems” framework of Drs. Clare W. Graves & Don E. Beck. Elza is recognized as one of today’s brightest architects of Mid-East reform, which includes the design of a post-Arab Spring developmental roadmap.  In June 2013 in a lecture to policy makers at the United Nations, Ms. Maalouf outlined her approach in a lecture entitled “The Post Revolution Middle East: Using MEMEtocracy  to Design a Functional Model for Governance.” Her white papers have been published in the Huffington Post and the Integral Leadership Review, and was quoted in various Arabic and Western publications.

Her firm Integral Insights Consulting (IIC) advises business leaders in the US, Europe, and emerging countries on how to successfully navigate what’s next in their marketplace.

Elza’s work with next wave corporations has defined the future for Conscious capitalism. Functional Capitalism – is an innovative economic framework that aligns conscious business practices with a vMeme-centric Superordinate goals. Synthesizing Holon’s of people’s capacities and potential, financial performance, cultural attributes of the corporation, consumer and market behaviors, creating the values of thrive and let thrive. Functional Capitalism supports the sustainability and continuous evolution of emerging countries to compete in the global markets.

Ms. Maalouf is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders, an organization made up of the leading global minds in the fields of science, spirituality, and related studies with the primary purpose of advancing the conscious evolution of humanity. A former attorney and corporate executive, Elza graduated from the Lebanese University Faculty of Law and Political Science and became a member of the Beirut Bar Association in 1986. She lives in La Jolla, California with her husband Said E. Dawlabani, a real estate developer, cultural economist and author of MEMEnomics: The Next Generation Economic System.



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